Some techniques for construction of stabilized soil mixing station

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Mention of stabilized soil mixing station we should also not strange, some of the equipment in the highway, city road and square construction is very common, but the product function is very complete, continuous mixing production of different gradation of two ash gravel and lime stabilized soil, soil and industrial waste stabilized soil finished materials. But because of the stability of soil mixing station function is remarkable, but many operators when construction is still prone to problems, and today our professional manufacturers formally for everyone to explain the construction skills.
First of all, our construction of stabilized soil mixing station to start at the same time to observe the indicators are normal, if not normal immediately shut down, and then continue to work after inspection and maintenance. Then take a look at the conveyor belt is functioning properly, there is no deviation or cassette. In addition, it is also necessary to check in time whether the stirring blades in the mixing machine are jammed or have abnormal sound, and whether the water supply system is running properly, and whether the joints are tight or not. Of course, in the production process of the stabilized soil mixing station, it is necessary for the special person to be responsible for checking whether the feeders, mixers and conveyor belts are normal.

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