The Basic Winter Maintenance of Concrete Mixing Machine

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Concrete batching machine
and air compressor are the important parts of the concrete mixing plant, and users should maintain the batching equipment well to realize smooth operation in winter. Here, Camelway Group will talk about the basic maintenance tips of the batching machine and air compressor of concrete batching plant as the followings:

  1. Regularly add enough lubrication oil to the transmission systems, and clean the impurity and debris in time.
  2. Regularly clean the water existed in the gas supply system and pipelines of aggregate batcher to prevent the frozen of water in winter.
  3. At the end of the construction of concrete mixing plant, it is necessary to clean up the sandstone or the remaining material in the warehouse so as not to delay the production of next day.
  4. Before and after production, users should timely clean of the gravel on the roller so as not to produce sharp ice objects that scratch the belt.


Air compressor is a vital component of concrete batching plant, which plays an importance role in the concrete batch plant, and lots of users ignore the maintenance of air compressor in daily production. Then, Camelway  will introduce the basic maintain tips of air compressor as this:

  1. Carefully check if there is any gas leakage situation, and if not, users should repair it timely.
  2. Check whether the motor triangular belt is loose and aging or not, and users should maintain or replace it timely.
  3. Pay special attention to the compressor crankcase oil supplement, and the oil shall not be less than the lower limit as the oil mirror.

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