trạm trộn bê tông sany hzs 90

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  Commercial HZS90 concrete mixing plant equipment includes: JS series concrete mixing host, batching machine and metering system, cement warehouse and automatic computer control system and other components.
The price of HZS90 concrete mixing plant is determined by several factors. The following will introduce to you the factors that determine the price of HZS90 concrete mixing plant.
 1. Host equipment of HZS90 concrete mixing plant
The mixer is the main equipment for concrete mixing. The main device for mixing concrete with fine aggregate, powder and appropriate water, admixtures, etc. is used. The HZS90 concrete mixing plant uses the JS1500 concrete mixing master equipment with special strength. The mixing arm and the stirring shaft and the high-strength stirring liner blade are composed. With the characteristics of high production efficiency and long service life, it is more suitable for large-quantity concrete production sites.
2. Introduction of cement supply equipment
The cement warehouse and other equipment are the necessary equipment for the HZS90 concrete mixing plant. The number of optional equipment for the HZS90 concrete mixing plant is 4, respectively. If the dual plant design is used, 8 cement warehouses are required. According to the distance from the construction site to the construction site, 100 tons can be used. Or 130 tons and 200 tons of cement warehouses, high-speed construction often use 100 tons of cement warehouse, the choice of the number of cement warehouse can be selected according to the needs of concrete production.
3, introduction of measuring equipment
The materials used in the HZS90 concrete mixing plant equipment are based on the required strength of the structure, and the mix ratio is determined through experimental calculations. In order to ensure that the specified technical requirements are met, various materials must be metered using standard metering equipment. For example, using a batching machine to accurately match the aggregates, and using cement metering and water metering and admixture metering to accurately match the powder and liquid materials. The material metering equipment consists of a feeder and a weigher. Can play a uniform role.
4, control system
The use of precise computer control system for equipment control can achieve controllable engineering, visualized operation, monitoring of all major production processes, monitoring and control of production conditions and ratios, etc.
5, high-quality brand electrical components to ensure the normal operation of the electronic equipment and the entire package of accessibility.
According to the bottleneck principle, the equipment that affects the performance of the equipment is the one with the worst quality in the entire equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to take comprehensive consideration into the purchase of the production equipment in order to be able to buy it with ease. ! !

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