Vertical shaft impact crusher

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Vertical shaft impact crusher

The three-hole impact enclosed rotor is adopted to realize the crushing and forming of the materials entering the crusher through the principle of stone-hit-stone and self crushing. Meanwhile, crushing and forming of big particle can also be realized.

Product Description

01 High efficient crushing and good particle of finished products:

Features of performance: the centrifugal crushing without material throwing features flexible size of feeding materials, high efficiency and even particles.

02 Low cost and simple repair:

Light equipment enables its operation on simple steel structure.
Simple structure, easy operation, short time of parts replacement, low cost and simple repair. Short time of rotor replacement and scaleboard, significantly reduced maintenance strength.

03 Less but durable vulnerable parts:

Vulnerable parts are durable because wear and tear is avoided under the protection of material lining; abrasion-resistant alloy is installed on butt ends to protect it from wear and tear.


Product Parameter

Model US322H US394H US496H
Capacity (t/h) 230~190 450~320 600~495
Rotor Speed (m/s) 45~65 45~65 35~55
Power (kW) 250 250×2 300×2
Rotor Discharge Holes (个) 3 3 3
Rotor Form (/) Overall Wear Enclosed Overall Wear Enclosed Overall Wear Enclosed
Feeding Size (mm) 0-40(Continuous Grading) 0-40(Continuous Grading) 0-40(Continuous Grading)
Rotor Maintenance Cycle (t) 2 2 2
Weight(t) 10 20 30

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