What are the advantages of concrete mixing plant ?

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With the continuous expansion of China’s urban scale, commercial concrete mixing plant has also been rapid development and application of concrete mixing plant R & D and production after a long time, the export volume is also rising, the concrete mixing plant equipment sales have any advantages?
1, high reliability
Concrete mixing station equipment in China after 20 years of development, equipment performance is also rising, with a unique high-chromium high manganese alloy wear-resistant materials, concrete mixer blades, bearings, sealed with a unique multi-sealed or sealed, greatly improved The performance of reliable host often subject to impact, easy to wear, such as unloading hopper, crossing the bucket and other wear-resistant steel plate reinforcement; ring joints vulcanization bonding and service life than ordinary steel riveting growth of 3 times, which is to ensure high reliability premise.
2, the degree of automation control
All mixing stations are used industrial computer control, automatic or manual operation, easy to operate. Control room with air conditioning, electrical components can be guaranteed durable, functional chaos, continuous and reliable. At the same time in the host of the unloading port, the mixing station hub can be set to monitor the camera.
3, higher production capacity.
Parallel double station and multi-station appearance greatly improve the production capacity of concrete enterprises, such as two sets of 120 parallel station can be 60 million cubic meters of concrete progress with an annual output of 3 sets of parallel stations can progress to 80 million cubic meters, fundamentally resolved Insufficient production capacity constrains most of the company’s further development of the title.
As shown in Figure 4, the measurement accuracy is high
In the precision measurement of concrete mixing machine is divided into four aspects, namely aggregate, cement, water and additives, whether it is heavy aggregate, powder is still water, weighing, control and signal conversion components for imported components, high-precision sensors and Microcomputer controlled entrance, each single weighing or total weight, fully guaranteed correct work function without messy measurements.
5, mixing capacity
Double horizontal axis forced concrete mixer mixing ability, mixing average quality is good, high yield, for dry, hard, semi-dry, just, plastic and various proportions of concrete mixing effect is good.
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