What are the precautions about buying concrete Mixing station?

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Concrete mixing plant prices, equipment quality, manufacturers strength, after-sales protection, which is the content of the factory inspection, how to clarify their needs? Can meet the needs of the premise, how to choose a good concrete mixing plant ?

1, the performance of construction concrete marking: equipped with mixing host
Mixing machine is the most core mixing station, according to the concrete performance index to choose what kind of mixing host. Such as water conservancy projects must be selected dual-axis forced concrete mixing host. In addition, should also be based on the types of materials can be mixed concrete batching machine and concrete batching.
2, the amount of construction concrete and construction duration: Select mixing station model
Use these two parameters to choose with what size of concrete mixing plant. Set the total amount of concrete task A; concrete pouring days B; hours of work per day C; utilization factor X, you should select the mixing plant specifications X = A / (B * C * X), ​​where X is 0.7- 0.9. In the selection should also consider the finished concrete transport status. Such as: is a direct pump or vehicle transport. The volume of transport vehicles is also an important basis for determining the type of mixing plant.
3, the amount of construction and construction period: a stop or decide the double war
When the site needs to pour a large amount of concrete large, high quality requirements, and there is no reinforcements nearby concrete mixing station, the best choice of two smaller mixing station size, or choose a master and a pair of preparation .
4, traffic conditions
When the site traffic inconvenience, mixing station maintenance personnel into and out of the site takes a lot of time, it is best to choose the same smaller size of the double station, or prepare enough spare parts, thus ensuring the smooth progress of the construction.
5, shipping distance
When the construction site is more scattered, but the distance between the site is not too far, the concrete mixer truck delivery radius of not more than 30 minutes by car, dump truck delivery less than 10 minutes by car. It is best to use a number of workers concentrated mixing to improve the utilization of mixing plant and construction of economic benefits.
6, operator quality: the station or station
In general, small concrete mixing plant structure is simple, the control system is relatively simple, so less demanding on the operation and maintenance personnel. The large concrete mixing plant complex structure, high degree of automation, so the requirements of the operator is also higher. So when you buy a concrete mixing plant, in addition to consider the previous several factors, but also should consider the operator staffing.
7, configuration options: whether there are special needs
Under normal circumstances, the manufacturer has a mature device configuration, such as specifications, quantity, variety and so on. You can also make special requests when ordering mixing equipment and we will do our best to meet your requirements. However, in the purchase of products should not be too greedy, this will result in unnecessary economic waste. In addition, the purchase of concrete mixing plant equipment, in addition to refer to the price of different manufacturers, but also pay special attention to the configuration list of different manufacturers. In addition to the above specifications, variety and quantity, the most important is the accessory parts manufacturer.

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