What is a concrete mixing plant station? And commercial concrete mixing station What is the difference?

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Engineering concrete mixing plant is generally built next to the construction site, mainly used in a project above, the general configuration is relatively simple, to meet the needs of the concrete production of this project can search, buyers are mainly used to produce concrete for personal use;

The buyer of concrete goods is the future of selling concrete, the main business of selling concrete, according to the different requirements of those who need to produce the corresponding concrete sold to customers. Therefore, in general the general configuration of commercial concrete equipment more complete, so as to meet the needs of different clients.

Main difference 

1. According to the different types of admixtures, cement label different (whether to add fly ash, etc.) and designed the number of admixtures and forms, the size and number of cement silos difference. General engineering with the type of admixture and cement label less, the design of admixture and the number corresponding to less cement. Not necessarily, look at the project needs.

2. General Engineering Concrete does not require external sealing, the structure is relatively simple; commodity concrete generally have external seal, the pursuit of beauty and environmental protection customers, the structure is relatively large.

3. The same output, the general commercial concrete mixing plant to higher prices.

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