What is the difference between environmentally friendly batching plant and general batching plant?

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With the progress of society and the development of science and technology, environmental protection issues have increasingly attracted people’s attention. After years of efforts, environmental protection large-scale batching plants have achieved initial results. Their specific characteristics are as follows:

1. Eliminating the control of pollution sources

1)   dust control. The environment-friendly large-scale mixing station adopts a matching dust remover to automatically complete the dust collection, and automatically collects the collected dust into the production system for metering and use to reduce the secondary pollution of the dust. The spray device is installed on the gravel yard to reduce the operation of gravel. The dust.

2 ) Wastewater treatment. The environment-friendly large-scale batching plants is equipped with a gravel separator and a slurry recovery system. The wastewater and waste generated from the operation of the mixing plant separate the sand and gravel after passing through the gravel separator. The gravel enters the gravel yard for reuse, and the waste water passes through the waste slurry. Re-enter the production water system to achieve zero discharge of waste water and waste residues.

3) noise management. The environment-friendly large-scale mixing station adopts a uniform sand stone blanking system to reduce motor power and reduce noise. The entire station uses a low-noise motor system to reduce the impact of noise on the environment. The shock equipment and other equipment are arranged at the joints to reduce the noise. Vibration noise.

2. Cut off the route of transmission

The most effective method for cutting off the spread of pollution by environmentally-friendly large-scale mixing stations is to encapsulate the entire station. The packaging effectively isolates the pollution source from the surrounding environment and controls pollutants in a limited space, thereby reducing the impact on the environment.

3. Beautiful

Aesthetics As the basic requirements for an environment-friendly large-scale mixing plant, it can be said that the environment-friendly mixing plant is a modern factory that perfectly combines mixing technology, environmental protection technology, and architectural art. The overall structure of the station is aesthetically pleasing, coordinated with the surrounding environment, and the planning is reasonable.

In summary, the environment-friendly large-scale mixing station has absolute advantages and is different from others. Camelway Machinery has been committed to the research and development of new large-scale mixing stations for many years. It takes environmental protection as its mission and has achieved results.

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