what is the environmental issues for concrete mixing plants

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There are many environmental issues in the production process of concrete mixing plants. If the noise is too large, there will be a lot of dust, solid waste water, etc., which pollute the environment. However, in order to achieve energy saving, high efficiency, and environmental protection, there are certain methods.

1, the dust control of the concrete mixing plant:

The main dust-producing plant of the mixing plant is the feeding port and material yard of the mixing tower. The mixing facility of the selected equipment is closed and agitated. To further eliminate dust, additional color steel plates are used as dust surfaces to seal the space of the dust outlets. Two external symmetrical water mist spray tubes are installed at the cement feeding port to prevent dust from scattering. The dust in the stockyard can be equipped with an electronically controlled or manual spray device to control the dust emission according to the fixed location of the dumping site to ensure that the dust reaches the standard.

2, the wastewater treatment of the concrete mixing plant:

A drainage ditch shall be provided at the place where the wastewater is generated, and a three-stage sedimentation tank shall be set at the end of the drainage ditch to separate the solid and liquid. A self-priming water pump shall be installed to recycle the precipitated water to make the whole The waste water in the production area is recycled after being treated completely, that is, it reaches the environmental discharge standard.

3, the concrete mixing plant solid waste treatment:

In the production and life of non-recyclable waste and domestic garbage, will build a unified pool of garbage pool and unified management, unified treatment. There are no schools around the mixing plant and there are basically no residents. The investment in environmental protection is not high and the input costs are not large. The concrete mixing plant will build a mixing plant into a green mixing plant by strengthening environmental management.

4, the noise control of the concrete mixing plant:

The noise mainly comes from the equipment. The selected equipment is optimized for configuration. The noise of the equipment itself is small. In the course of use, the maintenance and inspection are strengthened, that is, the service life of the equipment is prolonged, and the noise pollution can be reduced. . According to the actual situation can also be set partition walls, compartments.

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