What is the important factor in the mix of concrete

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In order to obtain a concrete with a certain performance requirement, it is the first step to select the component material. The next step is a process called a mixed ingredient, which means that if the components are in the right combination. With the help of high efficiency electric or diesel concrete small pumps, an appropriate proportion of concrete mix can be pumped anywhere to help work. So what is the important factor in the mix of concrete?
Although the mixed batching process has sound technical principles, but for several reasons, this process is not entirely in the field of science. However, since the composition of the concrete has a significant impact on the cost and performance of the product, the engineers responsible for developing and approving the mixing ratio should be familiar with the basic principles and commonly used procedures.

Concrete compounding ratio refers to the process of cement, aggregate, water and admixture according to certain specifications. This process is considered an art rather than a science. While many engineers are uncomfortable with problems that can not be reduced to accurate numbers, the basic principles are understood and, through some practice, the preparation of concrete mixtures is mastered. Giving the opportunity that this art practice is very useful because the mixing ratio on the cost of concrete and the impact of several important properties of fresh and hardened concrete can be clearly seen.
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