What are the working principles of concrete mixer truck?

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The main structure of the mixer truck

The concrete mixer truck is mainly composed of two parts: chassis system, hydraulic transmission system, stirring tank, discharging system, cleaning system, sub-frame, operating system, roller system, feeding system , The circuit system consists of ten parts.

  1. Chassis system : the main component of the mixer, the entire concrete mixer transport function is achieved by the chassis. Chassis is generally used in the production of two types of special chassis installed after the decoration from the system.
  2. Hydraulic drive system: the power removed from the power of the engine, into the hydraulic energy (displacement and pressure), and then by the motor output for the mechanical energy (speed and torque), to provide power for the rotation of the mixing cylinder.
  3. Mixing tank: Mixing cylinder is the key component of the whole mixing truck, is the storage of concrete containers, to prevent concrete curing, segregation plays a decisive role. There are leaves inside the tank, mainly from the role of mixing and guide.
  4. Discharge system: mainly by the main discharge chute, sub-discharge trough, locking rod and other components, the sub-discharge trough to extend the length of the main discharge trough role.
  5. Cleaning system: cleaning system mainly by the pressure water tank, water gun, water pipes, valves and other components. The use of air pressure, the main role is to fill the material after filling the hopper and after the completion of washing the mixing tank, unloading trough, to prevent concrete bonding.
  6. Sub-frame: Mixer sub-frame is the main load-bearing part of the load when the load is almost through it to support and then passed to the chassis. Sub-frame also alleviate the road bumps, attenuation of the role of impact load. The entire subframe consists of the main beam, the front support frame, the background support frame.
  7. Operating system: The operating system consists of controller, linkage shaft, flexible shaft and connecting rod mechanism, the main control of the mixing cylinder speed and rotation direction.
  8. Roller system: the rear of the mixing tank and sub-frame connected to the site, mainly from the role of supporting the drum body.
  9. Feeding system: mainly by the hopper and the bracket composition, the hopper due to the impact of wear and tear, the material requires good wear resistance, the main play from the role of reducing the impact.
  10. Circuit system: mainly refers to the whole circuit of the mixer, including the vehicle’s tail lights, side lights, gallery lights, cooling fan motor.

The working principle of the mixer truck

  1. Mixer mixing function principle:
    Take the power of the engine through the small drive shaft to drive the hydraulic pump hydraulic motor rotation, driven by the reducer barrel rotation. In the transport of concrete on the way, need to keep the mixing tank 1-3 minutes per minute low-speed rotation, to ensure that the concrete homogeneous, while preventing the separation of concrete, known as agitation (commonly known as stirring).
  2. Mixer charging function principle:
    Mixing truck in the concrete when the mixing tank speed faster, the speed of 6-10 per minute, the concrete through the charging system from the mouth of the catheter into the mixing tube, and under the guidance of the spiral blade to the middle of the mixing tube.
  3. Mixer unloading function principle:
    When the truck is unloading, the engine will transmit power to the mixing tank through the take-up device, hydraulic pump, reducer and so on to drive the tank to rotate at a speed of 3-14 rpm. The concrete is under the top of the blade spiral motion Moves in the direction of the cylinder and is discharged through the hopper of the mixer. The direction of rotation of the tank is opposite to that of the feed.
  4. Mixer cleaning function principle:
    Through the brake system of the reservoir pressure tank pressure, the water flow through the cleaning tank system, loading port, discharge system.

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